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Thread: fairfx card instead of credit cards?

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    Can anyone tell me how to get these cards?
    Are they easy to use?
    Do you get charged when you use it?
    If you have any money left on it how can you get it back and do you get charged again?
    Is it safe?
    Is it better than just using credit cards?
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    Hi i used one of these last year and thought it was great. I did keep a tally on what we spent as no way of knowing the balance. I think they charge $2 if you withdraw cash from them. You do not get charged if you use it like a debit card although if they ask you to choose debit or credit its credit. Yes they charge if you want to get any money back when you come home. I have left the remainder on my card and will just top it up with some more before we go to NY. I guess there is always the chance of fraud like most cc or debit cards. Click on the link in this forum to get one

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    Thanks Michelle it's great to hear a first hand review! I'm using them this year too (money where my mouth is and all that )
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