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Thread: Tenerife pt 2 Loro Parc

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    The North of the Island is much more lush than the South as it gets all the rain, stopped by the volcano, there is a park there that was originally a parrot preservation centre and has grown to huge proportions over the years, they are very closely associated with Seaworld and have recently started with Orca that came from orlando - it is a beautiful place thick lush green and beautiful flowers everywhere,

    First up was the penuinarium which was virtually identical to the one at seaword, as such it was really very dark in there and it was snowing hard on the penguins

    See he has a small green ribbon around his arm so you can pick him out on the luggage carousel

    The dolphin and whale shows were spectacular , and as it was such a multicultural audience there was no commentary. The arenas were nearly as big as Orlando - these were taken from the back row of the arenas - I love this lens

    Hang on...uploading more.....

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    Won't do much of this guy as got better ones of big cats in the 'Jungle Park'

    A lovely open aviary...

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    .... an obsidian beach for anyone who hasn't seen one - taken out the window of the park

    He's smiling...

    A large aquarium but only 1 pic in focus

    By the time we got home the skies were very dramatic..

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    Amazing pictures!

    I truly hope I can shoot something similar when I am at Florida this year.....

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    More spectacular piccies Chris! I can see why you just might like that new lens!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 203674
    See he has a small green ribbon around his arm so you can pick him out on the luggage carousel
    Was he too big to cram into the suitcase?

    Tom (... impressed!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by catrancher, post: 203681
    Was he too big to cram into the suitcase?
    Yes as he was mainly water we couldn't take him on as hand luggage and had to check him in

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    Those are fantastic Chris Loro park looks amazing.
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    looks great, the light in the canaries is lovely. The park looks lovely, why the Thai influence?

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    There is a very close link with the Owner and the royal family in Thailand, I believe he is also passionate about parrot protection - anyway the roof of the building has Thai handmade tiles on it and it is edged in 24k gold leaf

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    cool, My FIL lives in Thailand he's in the process of building a house - looks like it's going to be beautiful

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