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Thread: Tenerife pt 3 Jungle Park

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    Did this a couple of times as it was close and we took the boys there when we were grounded with ash to help blow off some steam. So much rich vegetation, beautiful birds and stunning cats - difficult to photograph through glass.

    The Bird display was stunning the birds really were free flying and climbed to astonishing altitudes, some came back only hours later. Watching the vultures and eagles in freedive was just stunning, the bald eagles skimmed just cm over our heads, the cranes were absolutely enormous with a wingspan over 3m !!!! never seen anything that big flying before!!

    There were 2 white lions of the 27 in the world and the leopard was pressed right up against the glass so we were less than an inch away from him, will be a different story in Kenya , on the way out we were greeted by the amazing sight of a white tiger swimming lengths of the pool, we had always seen it in the brochures but never in real life

    I took a million billion photos here and have tried to put a few in a slideshow can you tell me if it works as it may be easier than copying and pasting all the links into the forum - obviously you wont see the great big file but you can always go to the flickr site for those if you want.
    Tenerife Jungle Park

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    ok. i'm selling my camera I'm speechless. You need to get your name on them! before you do can i nick a tiger and leopard? lol

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    No problems took a load may upload some more later - the leopard ones are all covered with cack on the window though, need that paintshop programme keith showed us

    Oh and don't be soft, shooting captive animals and birds that are nailed to a perch in great light with an awesome lens is easy, taking pics of fast moving beasties that wont pose is super hard, as my 'wild bird' pics of Tenerife will reassure you, when I get time i'll stick them up as they are so blurry I have no idea what half of them are (apart from the pigeons)

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 203697
    ok. i'm selling my camera I'm speechless. You need to get your name on them!
    yep agreed. Thoroughly stunning
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    They are stunning, i really love the one of the pink flower - the little drops of water on it are incredible!

    Ok, so whatcha got - need to google it and see how much i really need to win on tonights lottery show!!!

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    Absolutely gorgeous pictures Chris.

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    Oh my gosh!

    What lens do you have again?

    I'm speechless, really.

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    Those are stunning I love the one of the eagle, it's a truly fantastic shot The one of the yellow belly slider is nice too
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    I used the 500d with a 24-105L lens for the widefield and a 100-400L for the closeups.

    Which Eagle one do you like Josh?

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    My faves are the leopards head, the flamingo, and the eagle flying what seems to be right at you!

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