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Thread: free disney dining plan warning

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    Just a warning for those looking to book free DDP for next year. It would appear that some companies that are already offering it Virgin, Complete Orlando have removed the deserts from the plans. Also the refillable cups from the quick service plan.

    Apparently before Disney revealed that the appetiser and gratuity was to be removed Virgin did the same.

    I'm really really peeved and officially give up!

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    It's only rumour at the moment. The sources, completeorlando and virgin have also been wrong in the past however the virgin brochure was early on the apertiser and gratuity so it's not a great sign

    I've said it before but the dining plan needs very careful consideration. Does it allow prepayment of major dining costs? yes. Is it always good value? no.

    Even when it's free, given you have to pay full rate for the room, it can turn out to be more expensive than taking the best discount and paying out of pocket.

    It's definitely not the total bargain it's sometimes made out to be
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    this is not for this year? When is it starts?

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    Combined with the 42% off OKW with 4 adults to feed it was going to work out well for us. Meals paid for up front, spending money our own. I'm more upset because I've had this planned in my head for a year and had finally made a decision on what to do on Saturday, feel like not booking now! I probably sound like a spoiled brat but I've been waiting a long time for this.

    2011 Jeff.

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    The dining plan when free is only a good deal when your staying value or moderate. It is never a good deal when your staying deluxe. The rack rates are way too high.

    Now, we were able to get the AP rate in May AND get the dining plan. It's my BIL's first time to Disney so it makes sense for us this time.

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    WHAT??? We've booked with Complete Orlando for February 2011, staying at Port Orleans with the free quick service plan. So does this mean we wont get the refillable mugs then? Thats a bit off to suddenly take it away

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    Apparently so Lisa, they've changed it on their site in the last few days. Apparently in terms says dining plan subject to changes

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    Hmm, thats not good. I've just had a look, the free desert and the refillable mug has gone from the quick service plan

    I know its not supposed to be allowed and is frowned upon, but I will be using last years mug im affraid. They take so much money off us anyway when we're there so im sure a few drinks wont kill them and i know we aren't the only ones that do it!!

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    surely if they listed something when you bought it they have to supply it even if they do say things change? I mean where could it end otherwise, they could say the dining plan is now a packet of crisps a day or something

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    Really sorry to hear that Julie!


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