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that really suprises me that its been on a slippery slope for so long....i can understand standards slipping because of the DP, but is it honestly free, no one gives you anything for free
Certainly not free there is indeed a cost to the dining plan and when you work it out, it often doesn't work out as particularly good value nowadays. When they offer a free dining plan, it's usually instead of a discount to the room rate so one way or another you're paying for it yep.

The problem isn't the cost or "free", it's that it's been so wildly successfull with people who like to feel everythings paid for up front, that the restaurants are completely packed out nearly 100% of the time! That along with an almost guaranteed gratuity system means that food is no longer lovingly prepared, it's heated, thrown at a server who throws it at the customer and moves on.

There *ARE* exceptions there really are both to the quality of food and to the quality of service, it's just that you have to work to find them now. 10 years ago things were oh so very different