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Thread: Is Boma worth a special trip?

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    Boma is at the animal kingdom hotel I think but we wont be staying there as its expensive

    is it worth us making a special trip, some people say its really noisy like a school cafeteria and not much better food

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    Well, it does depend upon what you like, of course.

    When Boma first opened, it was really lovely. Different, and the chefs and line cooks there were very eager to share their knowledge of the dishes available. Now, it's kind of settled into the "same old, same old."

    There are some nice dishes there. We like the bobotie, and the seafood "stew" which is really a soup with clams, mussels, shrimp and scallops. Sometimes we like the roast that is offered, other times not so much. We like their chicken, and salads, ect.

    It's worth a visit, and plan some extra time so you can view the animals on the savannah. There are many public viewing places, so you can either sit on a balcony and watch, or walk out to one of the protected walkways and watch and visit with the CMs that will be there.

    Oh, just to throw you a curve, we far prefer Jiko over Boma.

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    Boma is one of those restaurants that we really enjoy. It serves a delicious buffet breakfast as well as a dinner buffet. Each of them has different delicacies from Africa.

    For finer dining at Animal Kingdom be sure to visit the aforementioned JIKO or even Sanaa at the recently opened Kidani Village of AKL.

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    We didn't like Sanaa at all. Not a fan of Boma breakfast either.

    That's the whole thing about WDW. There really are many choices. What one person dislikes another will love.

    It really is all down to what the individual's preferences are.

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    We've tried Boma for dinner and breakfast.
    I love the ham and eggs for breakfast followed by fresh strawberries
    As for dinner, I have quite a plain taste for food so had to stick with the meat off the bone and chicken strips!

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    Now I love Boma for dinner and would say that yes, you should go. It is a buffet but it is very good.

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    I liked it, but to be honest with you not as much as I thought I would, although the desserts are really really good

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    it's one of our favourites

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy, post: 205549
    I liked it, but to be honest with you not as much as I thought I would, although the desserts are really really good
    Don't know when you were last there, but when we took Seth this past trip, the desserts had changed quite a bit. The "zebra domes" bore no resemblance in taste (and little in appearance) to the originals.

    The majority of the rest were tiny little bite sized selections. Not a bad thing by any means, but not the nice display they once had. They took away my favorites long ago though, so I've been disappointed in their desserts for some time.

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