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Thread: Upgrading Tickets Question

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    So here's the deal, DH, my mother and I are going for free dining in Sept. We booked bounceback and we wanted 2 rooms. Only DH and I were there last year for FD so DH had to book 1 room and I had to be in the other. So now we have 2 rooms with DH technically in one room and me and mom in the other. This is the tricky part. I know all the tickets have to be the same in the room when you have the DDP. Dh and I will be going back to WDW in April 09. We currently have 7 day PH for all 3 of us. I would like to try to upgrade DH and my tix to add days and make them not expire to save $$ in April. Would I be allowed to do this as mom doesn't need to upgrade her ticket at all?
    Can just me and DH upgrade our tickets and where/how do we do this?

    xxoo Rosie

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    I'm not the best one when it comes to ticket issues. My AP has made me lazy. However, I do think it's a simple matter to take your current tickets to any ticket window at any park and upgrade them.
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    Johnie will know the answer to this one

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