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Thread: Is it possible to reserve a particular room?

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    At the disney resorts is it possible to reserve a particular room that I have read about on the net or will they only allow a request for a floor? Its not that important but Ive read that certain rooms have better views and would like to try and get one if I could

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    You can request a veiw, a floor, ect. probably even a certain room, but none are guaranteed. The broader your request and the more flexible you are, the better your chances.

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    You can't reserve particular rooms but it's always worth putting in a request.
    We were once lucky enough, at CSR, to get the exact room we had stayed in on the previous trip but I think that was a very rare occurrence.

    It's best to request a room that just has your main preference, such as waterview etc. The CMs will try to accommodate you if they have that type of room available. Always ask politely.

    Good luck.

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    If you let them know what you are looking for - water view, near the elevator, etc. then they are better able to accommodate your request. If you ask for a specific room, they may not be able to discern why you are making that request. Also, the room could already be booked. So if you'd like a room on a high floor with a water view, for example, just indicate that. That narrows it down for them!
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