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Thread: UK airports to close again in new ash risk

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    BBC News - Scottish and N Irish airspace to close in new ash risk

    Airspace over Scotland and Northern Ireland will be closed from 0700 BST on Wednesday due to volcanic ash, the Civil Aviation Authority has said.

    It warned airports in the north-west of England and North Wales could also be affected as the cloud moved south.

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    irish airspace was closed yesterday and scotland had probs too.....just took my mum to gatwick, wonder if she'll be able to get home now lol

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    Just been looking at this on the BBC and it looks like all Airports south of Edinburgh should be ok , and there is little risk as the winds are changing later in the week

    The plume is also less intense than last time

    my thoughts are withe veryone travelling soon - you don't want to be worried about getting there or getting home - you want to be enjoying the build up to your trip

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    I wonder how long this is going to go on for - apparently there's another volcano which usually erupts when this one does. We still have quite a time to go before our trip but it does make you wonder - these things could go on for years!

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