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Thread: messing about with itinerary

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    Aug 2011 we were going to stay in a villa for 7 nights ( to get over jetlag and just chill) , 2 nights universal studios then 12 nights in OKW with free dining. However if we do it that way we would only get 12 days use out of our disney tickets because you can only pick up your tickets 48 hours prior to checking into a disney hotel if they are part of a package.

    Then i thought because desert is looking like it won't be included that we would stay in a villa for 3 weeks and just go off to universal for 2 nights somewhere in the middle. Well after consulting the kids they want to stay on site for at least some of the holiday so they can come and go as they please.

    I'm now thinking that we should fly in and check straight into disney hotel, then villa then US hotel last. Then we could get 3 weeks disney tickets so i could still go at the end of the holiday- what do you think?

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    Sounds good actually as then you could do some of your chilling whilst at the disney resort and some at the villa and so spread your disney time out rather than have it concentrated into one block.


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    and i would take advantage of the fact i was up early

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    Sounds like a good plan but I'm really not sure I would like any desert with my meals. It might be kind of gritty. Now if we are talking dessert.....:tongue:

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    John I never know which is the right one

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    Sounds great to me If US is closer to the time American's are going back to college then HP might be a bit less crowded!
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    it will be around 8th September Josh

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    Normally when we land we go straight to water park and get on the lazy river and chill out most of the morning!

    It is a good way to 'recover' from jetlag!

    Just sit on the ring and watching the world going by until.....

    These flipping cold water shooting from nowhere!!! Grrr

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    I remember Brit, this way: Dessert = ss= strawberry shortcake! Desert=s=sand.

    I like your revised plan by the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 206147
    I remember Brit, this way: Dessert = ss= strawberry shortcake! Desert=s=sand.
    cool, thanks

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