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Thread: **** Disney Secrets Now on Flickr to Share you Photos ****

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    Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for the introduction of our new photo gallery.

    Hopefully this will make it easier for us all to share our Disney photos and add to our already wonderful community and board

    For those of you who already have an account you can go straight away to the Flickr group and join here

    Flickr: photo gallery

    For those who have never used Flickr befor , nothing could be easier

    go to

    Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing and complete the registration process - its free then click on the above link - join the group and upload any of your photos

    Any problems give us a shout and we'll do all we can to help

    Please,please,please , if you have visited recently or are going soon - take a few moments to upload 1 or 2 photos - (or more )we all LOVE to see your pics , as it helps us all relive the magic

    Just remember to set your photos so that everyone can view them.

    A link has already been created for your convenience on the little blue bar at the top of the page.

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    Cool, I have just joined the group and added a few photos that were already posted on Flickr.

    It is under my wife's account as she uses it heavily. So if you see VickyWebb that's us

    Can't wait to add loads more photos.

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    Great might be an idea to put on who we all are so we know

    I am Sidleydoc

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    Ok then!

    I'm Shermiesdad over on Flickr!

    Tom (... I'll answer to most anything!)

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    Great, I'm Disney nut on flickr

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