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Thread: best counter service place?

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    everyone has been suggesting great places to eat but theyre a bit expensive for our budget

    Are there any good quick service places in the parks to look for or are they all the same really?

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    There are lots of different ones all over WDW, if you have a look in the menus section you can look at menus. It's not all burger and chips! Entrees are around $10 so IMO are quite reasonable

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    We like teh chinese counter services - the noodle bar in MK or the one in Asia in AK or the Chinese pavillion - always a good place to get veggies

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    just been thinking- if i were in the parks right now i would go to

    MK- El pirate y el perico for a taco salad
    cosmic rays for chicken and mashed potato
    caseys for a hot dog


    well where do you start- particular fave is tangerine cafe for one of their platters.

    Hollywood Studios- mmm not a fave here really but would go to studio catering company or pizza planet

    Animal Kingdom - flame tree bbq, Yak and Yeti (haven't tried yet but will do)

    Downtown Disney- wolfgang puck express for rotisserie chicken and mash potatoes.

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    are there many vegetarian options or am I in the wrong place to expect that

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    Quote Originally Posted by disney1sttimer, post: 206164
    are there many vegetarian options or am I in the wrong place to expect that
    take a look at the menus here

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    Spot on Brit - have to say the US as a whole I have found is not as replete with vegetarian options as over here

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    i was just looking actually and couldn't find many options on the counter service menus

    a great place in the UK for vegetarians is Las Iguanas- it's a latin american bar/grill type. I had the most amazing artichoke and asparagus fajitas on Saturday night. They had lots of options

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    I love eating at Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland - Sunny Eclipse puts on a great show.

    I think the counter service places are mostly on a par - although if you're a burger fan Pecos Bill's has the best burgers on property - and an awesome toppings bar.

    If you're looking for veggie options Tusker House at DAK is supposed to be good in that respect.

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    Hmmm favorite counter service places:

    Tangerine Cafe in Morocco is quite nice. As is Sunshine Seasons in The Land.

    I am particularly fond of Pecos Bill. They have a toppings bar which I love.

    Can't say that I actually have a favorite here. We usually eat table service here

    The counter service outside of Yak and Yeti is ok. Cheaper than the restaurant.

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