Matthew and Nancy!

Sharon and I put the tent up on Saturday in her garden. It was raining! We took it down on Tuesday and I'm very impressed so far. Despite only being secured front and back it did very well in the wind and rain.

Have decided against the pora loo at the moment as the bedroom is quite big without the divider and i thought we could all sleep in there, leaving more living space, although that's a really big area anyway.

I'm sure once i get all the chairs, table, cooking equipment in it'll cut the space down but at least it's large enough to be comfy in there.

I've 'borrowed' sharon and martins camping cooker, table, windbreak, pots and pans, kettle and have been buying lanterns, plastic backed rugs for the floor to make it more cosy, a camping kitchen that the shop is waiting delivery on.....this lark costs a lot doesn't it?!

I've booked 4 nights here in July. The park's only half hour away and we popped up the other evening for a look, it's really nice. Chose our spot and checked out the showers and loo area, looks pretty clean so that's ok!

It'll be just me and the boys, although I'm expecting day visitors and possibly one or two overnight guests. I checked when i booked that i could add them later if they decide to stay.

I never thought I'd say this, but I am actually looking forward to it! I must be bonkers!