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    Can anyone help.. We are travelling to Florida from the UK for Christmas and have read reference to the special assistance card/pass... Could someone give me some more details? Our daughter has epliepsy and autism that makes waiting in queues difficult to say the least. This sounds like an answer?

    I have read about these on a few posts but dont know what support these do offer..

    Can anyone pass on advice?


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    I don't know too much about it, but I'm sure others here will come along and give you better information.

    My limited understanding is that you go to Guest Relations/Services and request the pass. As far as I know, you do not need "proof" of the disability, however that may have changed.

    It allows you to wait in areas that are less stressful to the person needing the pass.

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    A friend of mine is going next week and her son has special needs - she has been asked to take a doctor's letter outlining Shane's problems and then they will be given a pass based on his needs. Some passes let you use the fastpass entrances, while others will let you wait in a shaded area until your turn in the regular line comes around - things like that. You'll need to outline your needs to guest services and they'll do their best to accommodate you.

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    Ah see? The doctor's letter is new. Good idea to have one along then. I can only imagine it's because the pass has been so abused, now those who really need it will have to jump through hoops.

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    It's my understanding that the doctors letter is not needed.

    Dawn, who requested that your friend bring the doctors letter?

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    I have been 5 times with DS who is disabled and I have never been asked for proof of his disabilities (although I always take GP letter just in case). On our earlier visits DS was mobile and wasn't as obviously disabled as he is now (now in wheelchair full time) yet still we were never asked for 'proof'. I think WDW handle the matter very sensitively.

    I would suggest taking a letter but doubt you will need it

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    Thanks Debbie. It's good to have an experienced report on the pass.

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    I have been 7 times with Beth and have never been asked for a doctors note although she is in a wheelchair so this may be why. I would take a doctors letter just in case. This will let you wait near the ride and you will have to wait around 10 minutes or so.

    Just to let you know if you need assistance or just some were for your dd to recover after a seizure go to first aid. They really are excellent and will give you a quite room and tell you to let them know if you require further assistants. We have done this for Beth as she is a severe epileptic, the CM kept popping in to see if she was ok and did we need any medical attention.

    Ask your epilepsy consultant or nurse for a letter detailing your dd medication as it may not be widely available or under a different name in the USA. I would also be carrying her epilepsy care plan just in case as its good for doctors to read in an emergency. I am sure all will go well and for the likes of us who cope with this on a daily basis we tend to cope well with them but there is the what if.

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    Since I have a question about the Guest Assistance Card I'll just post here instead of making a new thread.

    This will be our first trip to Disney since my brother was born 12 years ago. He also has autism and while he can be great is most normal circumstances I honestly don't know how he would do in those monster lines. If he would have a meltdown thinking he was about to go on the ride only to hit a turn and see more lines. He also has sensitive hearing which we always bring headphone for when we go to movies and plays. I was wondering what exactly does the guest assistance card provide and what does it not provide.

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    Sorry so late in seeing the post, but we are still unpacking. The card which we got for my son that had broke his leg, gave us access thru the wheelchair entrance or the fast pass line. Different for different rides as all of them do not have wheelchair access. Either way we didn't have to wait long for anything. We were the first to enter shows, and didn't have to wait in lines to get autographs from characters. Got alot of mean looks there i tell you.
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