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Thread: 1 week today....

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    one week for what?

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    actually I'm not sure its been mentioned but Apple are releasing theiPad in th eUK a week today

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    i think it is fairly clear how I feel about next Friday dont you think?!

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    LOL! T minus 8 and counting then?

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    it's not been dispatched yet.........when should i expect it to be dispatched?

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    I wonder if we'll have a cool game of 'track the iPad' like we did with the iMac
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    For all you over there drooling with anticipation. You might be interested to know that Apple has now shipped at least some of the iPads going to the UK although the tracking information doesn't seem to indicate a delivery date!

    Oh... and by the way... the international App store and iBook store is now open!
    Go to iTunes and search on iPad.


    Although I don't know how you could get to the iBook store without iBooks?

    Tom (... watching all and sundry scurry off to iTunes )

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    yep several colleagues have had their orders changed to shipped

    ibooks wasnt available for my uk account when I looked last night, will have to look again in a mo to see if its magically appeared
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    Prepared for shipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

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