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Thread: Planet hollywood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 210105
    I did indeed rather cool place !
    so worth a visit then? will have to look it up and see what its about

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepinCatz, post: 210115
    Not like I actually spent a lot of time in DTD after hours...but I still think it was a bad idea to close down the clubs.
    They did it because of all of the trouble caused by a number of drink related problems which were in danger of tarnishing the Disney image.

    My DW and I had the pleasure of being taken there on the last night before it closed which was a Cast Member [and their guests] night only.
    At least I can say that I had a brief dance with Goofy and Minnie at PI.

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    In my limited opinion the trouble began when they allowed under aged kids on PI without escort... That translated into gangs and the rest is history...

    It would have been a simple fix. Return entry age after 5:00 pm to 21 years old, and beef up security.

    They chose not to. Their loss...

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