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Thread: offsite dining?

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    Hi everyone, newbie here wondering about restaurants. We always stay on disney so have never tried all those places we see along the side of the roads.

    Anyone any recommendations where to go and where not to go?

    ponderosa? olive garden I think? there are many others but I cant remember their names

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    There are tons of restaurants in the area! It depends on what you are looking for. Olive Garden is ok Italian. I always get their chicken scampi so I can't really comment on the rest of their menu. Ponderosa is a buffett and lots of people seem to like it.

    I like Bahama Breeze. I also like Sweet Tomatoes as well. They are a salad/soup/pasta buffett. We don't have either of those here.

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    Oooh, food. Let's talk!

    Much of course, depends upon what you and your family like.

    The Darden Chain (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Season's 52...) is middle of the road basic fare. Nothing too extravagant, nothing too overly done spice wise. Not crazy priced, and ample portions.

    Off site buffets are something you want to be well informed about. Sweet Tomatoes, that Johnie mentioned is quite popular and very reasonably priced. It features mostly salad makings, soups, pasta and limited meat.

    Ponderosa, Sizzler, Golden Corral, and those all you can eat seafood places are not places I like to dine. Having said that, many folks like them.

    There is an upper end, Melthing Pot, Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Roy's, Timpanico, etc... pricey but delicious. Nice for special. Oh, and Vic's Chophouse and Mannies Chophouse are both recommended quite often.

    If you want Chinese, you are pretty much out of luck. I've yet to find good Chinese here in the greater Orlando area. On the other hand, there is a wonderful place, Ran Gitsu for Japanese food. They have a wonderful shushi selection, shabu shabu selections and other wonderful food. It's not a teppanyaki style place.

    TooJay's Deli is great for substantial meals. Relatively low priced, it will fill you up and more. There are some traditional deli selections but it is not a kosher deli. If you go, try the blintzes or latkes. Heck, have both! The pastrami or corned beef is wonderful too.

    There is a McCormick and Smick's, along with the Cheesecake Factory among other places to eat at the Millenia Mall. That general area is loaded with dining options, some of them quite new. You'll find fast food, full service mid range, and full service brew pub style.

    There is always IKEA's cafeteria too!

    Hope that helps a bit!

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    WOW! Thats a brilliant run down ! Thanks Tink!!
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    Psssst! There's lots more where that came from. I didn't want to overwhelm.

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmm sweet tomatoes! That wee $7 (something) was soooooo much nicer than my gorgeous $60 (Just me!) meal at Le Cellier!

    I want some sweet tomatoes cornbread - Right now !

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    I have a few favourite off site restaurants. My absolute favourite is Kobe, a teppanyaki restaurant on I Drive. We had wonderful food there and with lots of Japanese eating there, I knew i had made a good choice. We also like Bahama Breeze. Olive Garden was fine but nothing too amazing. We want to try Red Lobster, Cafe Tu Tango and Tony Romas this time as well. Sweet Tomatoes was very good too.


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    I'm a big fan of offsite dining, if for nothing else, it's cheaper!!

    I used to love Pebbles at the Crossroads but it closed.

    The Mexican place at the Crossroads is fab too - it's either Chilis or Chevys, I can never remember which.

    Not a fan of Ponderosa type places. Like Red Lobster and had the best chicken salad ever at Perkins of all places.

    I have Manny's Chophouse on my "to do" list for the next trip.

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    Definatley try Logans! Its all no-fuss, huge portions, okay-priced, brilliant food, and its very 'american'
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    Chevy's at Crossroads.

    There is a place called Carrabbas, too. And then there is Outback. I'm not a fan of either one, but many folks like them.

    Down on I-Drive there is Dixie Crossroads at Festival Bay. Florida Seafood. There is Texas de Brasil too. Churrascaria. All you can eat...but not a buffet.

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