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Thread: What Is Your least Favourite Disney Park

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    I have to say DHS..that is the name now, right?

    There are some fun things to do, but a lot of the day feels like just walking around. Nothing there really pulls me in, so to speak.

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    We love AK as well , the point of it , from my point of view, was a place where you were just happy to 'be' rather than queue all day for rides; although I like everest and some of the other rides I think they have kind of spoiled the initial raison d'etre

    The only bit of WDW I don't really like is the left side of furure world, could do with a big makeover, reinvent it like ther right side has and put some actual cutting edge technology in innovations which has also lost its way

    but at the end of the day I'd take any park in Disney any day of the year there is no 'bad one'

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    Studios. It doesn't appear to know what it's doing anymore. Yes there are some great things there but I could wander aimlessly around there and not actually end up going in anything.

    And parts of Future World I just walk on past now.

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    Yeah I agree with studios as well, it used to be all about film making its lost its cohesion and its focus

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    Epcot. Only because it's more adult-oriented.
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    MK by a long way with me (and mine). Even though I have been to WDW umpteen times I still dont like it. We usually give it a few hours each time to do POTC, Philharmagic and Space Mountain and then we are out of there. I know that is sacrilege to many (apologies) but no, it still hasnt grown on us at all. On the other hand, stick me in HS for days and Im happy as can be.


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    For me its Animal Kingdom

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