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Thread: What would you like to see added to disney?

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    I was chatting about this to others in the office, what would you like to see added to disney parks resorts or even downtown disney?

    I'd like to see more shops in downtown disney, somewhere to really spend a day shopping

    Then some clubs to go to for adults in the evening, I remember them saying they would build a sort of nightime park? does anyone else remember that?

    One guy in the office said he wanted some really high tech stuff in epcot because over the years its got a bit lame , his word

    finally some of the girls who havent been wanted a twilight park

    what about you?

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    the adventurers club - man I miss that place so many good memories, I'd like all the old shops back that had a bit of class and style to them, shops that sold different and unique things , not the homogenous plastic rubbish in every single store - the art of disney used to give me goosebumps and I loved the disney at home store.

    As with the parks some more Disney animation inspired stuff, they have such a rich history of this and its been kinda lost

    I also miss the Disney Institute

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    I really feel that they need someplace where the adults can go and unwind without any kids in tow.

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    More countries represented at Epcot. They could squeeze in a couple more...come on! Also, they could really fix up Futureworld. It's getting pretty shabby looking. The Odyssey building? The building where Body Wars was? Geez, Disney, pull it together.

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    Something new at DHS. After you've ridden TOT and RNRC, you've seen BandB, and waited and waited for TSM, it's all kindof blah after that.

    There's so many new 'live' action movies out now. Can't they come up with something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwennie81, post: 213863
    More countries represented at Epcot. They could squeeze in a couple more...come on!
    This for sure! First thing I thought of too! Surely there are some countries who'd love to chip in for it to promote themselves?
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    Yes to all the above!

    I'd like to see countries added to the World Showcase uppermost. My understanding is that the World Showcase was built to allow for additional countries over time, but there are still only the "original" 11. What's up with that?


    It used to be so nice to go from different shop to different shop and see all the unique items. I remember when the Art of Disney had an UPPER FLOOR where beautiful furniture and other home decorating items were on offer. There was a wicked glass topped table there one time...

    Now? Pah. Generic and boring.

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