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Thread: Help to plan a disneyland paris short break?

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    You are a cradle robber sir

    DLP is not chep and frankly the Disneyland hotel costs twice what the otehrs cost - is it worth it?

    Well I am not particulalrly well travelled but I am led to believe that it is amongst the premiere hotels in europe and I think if you compared prices to those it would be equitable.

    WDW is my home away from home , my heart and soul and has saved my life on several occasions when life was at its blackest but DLP will always be very very special to be - it is achingly beautiful and was the first Disney experience I had and my kids had, I have seen it grow up and as such I havea sense of ownership there.

    Plus if I get up early enough - door to door is less that 3 hours away

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    How much better is it than the other disneyland hotels Chris?

    I mean I guess you can walk from it into the main park, what about the studios and downtown disney (whatever thats called)

    Anything else to justify its price?
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    Not sure of prices but whilst I was searching for ways to get to dlp from the airport cdg you can catch the airport coach to the vue coach which then stops at every single hotel partnered with dlp. Other ways are by train there's the rer which is the cheapest option I think as it's a normal service or catch the tgv which takes 10 minutes ..

    Sorry but am unable to give any prices as it's been awhile since I went to dlp.

    Hope this helps

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    When I went to DLP with my dh we decided to stay at the Disney hotel mainly because everything is walking distant more or less...

    Everything is expensive at DLP, even the holiday itself. We wanted to maximise our Disney experience and the only way we could do that is to book Disney hotel.

    We arrive back at the hotel witch still Disney theme so even though we have kept the park behind but we still within the Disney resort in some sense....

    For us, this is 'value for money' as we able to get the real sense of Disney for the full trip.

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