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Thread: **Walt Disney World Secrets**

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    Taking the lead from a couple of recent posts, I thought we could keep a sticky thread compiled of secrets you may know from the various parks and Disney properties.

    As you post any secrets that you know of, I will take them and put them in this first post under topic titles.

    If you know any of the secrets that get listed have now gone, please let me know so I can update the thread.

    I'll start by adding the secrets from posts already in the forums.

    Please post if you can add to the list. I'm waiting


    The flag on the castle doubles as a transmitter for the Main Street Parades!

    A wall of real firehouse patches sent in by firemen from around the USA is located inside the Main Street Firehouse!

    If a Veteran wishes, he or she may go to City Hall, and ask to participate in the daily flag ceremony at the end of the day!

    The Jungle Cruise water was dyed brown, so the guest wouldn't see that it was only 3.5 feet deep!

    Some of the Mosaics at Cinderella's Castle have real gold in them!

    in Haunted Mansion, if you look up just as the speech ends in the stretching room and the lightning flashes you'll see the body hanging.
    And if you wait to leave the stretching room to go into the Doom Buggies you'll hear the voices of the ghost..

    the ToT is 199` 6" tall. The reson being that buildings over the height of 200` have to have a red light on the top in order to warn low flying aircraft. The Disney Imagineers thought that a red light would detract from the overall effect of the building.

    the "drops" at the ToT are not just due to gravity. There actually is a mechanism that pulls the lift down at a faster rate than gravity.

    1. the towers over the hm. many say they are chess pieces and all. However they are not in anyway trying to resemble chess pieces

    2. the wdw haunted manision is a Dutch Gothic manor

    3. inside the hearse in front of the hm there is an invitation to join the 999 happy haunts

    4. the hm was not originally gracey manor (from the movie and tombstone) yale gracey was one of the lead imagineers working on the hm.

    5. the thing hanging above you in the stretching room is master gracey

    6. at one point the mansions had live actors in a knight costume scare guest but this proved harmful to both the actor and guest

    7. the "breathing door" in the corridor of doors is from the 1963 movie the haunting

    8. the 13 hour clock actually is a face it has eyes the face of the clock is its mouth and the pendelum is a tail, as well if you watch closely a shadow of a demons hand appears on the wall

    9. madame leota ( the disembodied head in the ball) is actually a projection of the head of Imagineer Leota Toombs

    10. the organ at dl's hm in the grand ballroom is captain nemo's organ. actually used in 20k under the sea movie.

    11. the illusion that u see in the ball room is called "peppers ghost" it is incredibly easy using only a light animatronics and a window

    12. "grim grinning ghosts" the ghostly song in the graveyard was written by X. Antecio. X. also wrote "yo, ho yo,ho pirates life for me" from potc

    13. the five singing busts have character names. from right to left they are: Ned Nub, Uncle Theodore, Rollo Rumkin, Phineas puck, and Cousin Al

    14. the three hitchhiking ghost also have names, ezra: the tall one holding his hat. Phineas: the chubby one with the bag in his hand. And Gus: the short little convict with the long white beard

    15. the ghost following you home trick is a one way see through mirror. the ghost is on the other side with a special light so u see your reflection with the ghost next to you

    16 at the end you hear a little voice beckoning you to return and bring your death certificate and if you look up you will see a minature bride doll talking. this is the same face as you see in the crystal ball. this little doll is referred to as " little leota"

    17.There is a hidden Donald in the chair back when you see the candle floating in the hall.

    18. The official hidden mickey is in the graveyard scene as you are getting ready to leave the graveyard, there is an opera singing ghost, look to your right and you will see an open grave with the grim reaper holding a mickey icon

    Buzz Lightyear...
    In the very first room on the left, where the robot is. His hands are moving up and down, on the insides of his hands are two targets and one of them is a secret hot spot which boosts your points enormously!

    The volcano in the neon colored room against the wall in the back is worth about 100,000! just shoot the targets that are not in plain sight.

    As you leave the first shooting area, there is a "Z" target on the ceiling above you, if you hit the target directly in the center with the laser, you get 100,000 points per hit

    there is a target in the first room worth 100,000 points. When you enter the first target room there will be an orange robot on your left. As you pass,spin around and shoot at the target on it's left arm. Each hit is worth 100,000 points.

    There is also a hidden target on the wall in the room that shows you the wall video of the flying Zurg ship. You can only see it for a split second while the Zurg ship is stopped and just before it gets destroyed. This is the most challenging one to find and hitting the targe (Not Enclosed in a "Z") also gives high bonus points, but I don't know how much since you really have to concentrate on the wall.

    In the 4th room: (first Zurg room) Bottom of Zurgs ship - 100,000


    If you ride a monorail, train, bus, boat, or any transportation at WDW, ask the driver if he or she has any Transportation Trading Cards. These are collectable and rare cards that you can only get if you ask!


    Did you know that Disney World recycles all the human waste from the parks and hotels....It's true, the solid and liquids are seperated and the solids are used as fertilizer on the tree farm, where all the trees for the parks are grown. The liquids are then cleaned naturally by growing hydrangas in them and then the water is sent off to the sprinkler system. When you look around, you'll see little signs that say "THIS IS NOT DRINKING WATER!" Now you know what they really mean by that!

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    come on folks.....where are all those hidden Mickeys, what is there to look out for in the lines as you're waiting to get on the rides, what can be found in those little nooks and crannies?

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