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Thread: how far is universal and seaworld from disney

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    Well be staying in a value cheap resort probably at disney so how far would it be to get to universl and seeworld?

    do you think that one day at each will be enough? thanx

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    magic kingdom to seaworld is just over 13 miles

    oops forgot to add

    seaworld, IOA & US. there is quite a bit to do at all 3 so you should allow a day minimum

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    I think 1 day at Seaworld could be enough. Universal Studios consists of 2 parks and in my opinion you would need 2 full days to do both parks.

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    The drive from WDW to Seaworld would be around 10/15 minutes, and around double that to Universal.

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    If you take the Turkey Lake Rd. route to Universal it should only take about 10 minutes, allowing for traffic might be up to 15. It's really not far from WDW at all, going that way (versus getting out on the chaos of I 4).

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    i was wondering the same thing Tink, is it better to call Mears or take a cab? We will only be at Universal 1 day and won't do IOA this time.

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