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Thread: best uk travel agency online or store

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    Hi close to booking I think now we have the information

    Is there somewhere recommended to buy tickets, hotels, air tickets and so on. Is it safer to go to a high street travel agent or somewhere big like virgin holidays?


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    i got my last lot of tickets at orlando ticket deals, the 14 day ultimate, they price match too, so id recommend them.

    flights i got from charter travel they were the cheapest at the time for VA flights, VA direct you will always pay more for the same seats ime

    ive never ever been able to get a competitive quote from virgin holidays for the whole package, imo they are hugely expensive compared to where i get my, flights, car, villa etc

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    depends on where you are staying , if its onsite then I usually buy direct from Disney and get tockets at the same time, very oftenthere will be some sort of fringe benefit associated like preferred fireworks places etc , flights I book direct with virgin usually

    it usually worked out several hundred pounds cheaper than a virgin package

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    We went through Travel City Direct, they are now owned by the Virgin Group. They went bankrupt the year before last i believe and then Mr Branson took it over as a more budget travel store. We knocked around 1,500 off of our initial enquiry through Virgin. Pleasure to speak to as well.

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    I've booked hotel and Disney tickets with complete Orlando and they were really friendly

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