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Thread: afraid of flying to Orlando

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    oh dont worry I'm going to theres no way Im not going to go but its already worrying me and I havent even booked it yet

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Is there anything good that works for fear of flying? are some planes better than others or anything?

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    I am horrendous!! I start thinking about it the day that its booked, the night before im dreadful, the morning of im dreadful and every time that plane takes off im a mess! Im never really settled or happy til the plane lands - but i do it because i know if i dont then i'll never be able to go to Florida again!

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    My DW must be the world`s worst flier even though I always remind her that the pilot and crew have a high regard for their own lives so just put your trust in them.
    Easier said than done I know.

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    I don't know too much about it, but you could speak with your doctor and see if there isn't something mild s/he can give you to take the edge off the anxiety.

    Maybe an iPod with soothing music and an eye mask to give you a sense of privacy and peace?

    A glass of wine before take off?

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    tell me about it i can now talk about it without feeling physically sick but its taken 5 weeks we have decided to give flying a rest for a while as crying and having a panic attack is no fun for 9 hrs i just lose all rational though

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    I sympathise... I suffer from severe travel anxiety.
    If you don't want to see your GP try natural remedies.
    I use acupressure and take Bach Rescue Remedy. And cling to DH a lot........

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    I have just completed six hours of NLP and it is huge transformation for me! I used to hate high places such as mountains or anything that is more than one floor!

    Since NLP treatment, I went to top of building which is 4th floor and looked across Cardiff town.

    The following day I went all the way to the top of John Lewis!

    Yesterday I took my dog with my DH to the top of Caerphilly mountain and could see part of Cardiff miles away!

    I am not looking forward to flying! (maybe small part of me slightly bit worried) otherwise feel much more relaxed about it!

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