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Thread: Whats your favourite must do things whilst on holiday

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    We love to go to Celebration and buy a sundae from Kilwins and sit on the rocking chairs by the lake.

    We do this at least once a week whilst we are in Florida - I would love to live in Celebration and if I wion the lottery I'll buy myself one of the massive mansions by the 2nd lake - oh yes siree


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    Just being there! Going for breakfast with my son, DH is a poke in the morning and we got in the habit of going just the two of us. It has very fond bonding memories for me!

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    My must do's right now are Soaring, Splash Mountain, Toy Story Mania, dinner at Teppen Edo, Margaritas in the Tequila bar (located in the Mexican Pavillion) and a lot of pool time with a drink in my hand watching the family enjoying themselves.

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    I have learned over the years, that for me, "must dos" don't work it seems that just as sure as I set off on a trip saying, "I ABSOLUTELY MUST __________" something inevitably happens and prevents me from doing that very thing. So instead, I have a list of my very favorite things...and I see just how many I can tick off each trip I will say is in the very *not* doing of some of those "must do's" that I have discovered some of my very favorite things...and ain't that just life?
    • Spend some good quality time in a hammock on one of the beaches...preferably at night just before the fireworks, but any time will do.
    • Eat a chocolate covered strawberry from the Sweet Spells candy shop
    • Listen to Piano Bob at Port Orleans
    • Watch the Fireworks
    • Ride Soarin' (I'm a huge coaster fan too, but there is just *something* about Soarin'. There are days in the "in-between" when just the slightest whiff of citrus can make my heart "soar".)
    • Send my grandparents a postcard
    • See Carol the Hat Lady in The Rose & Crown Pub
    • Run my fingers across my children's two Leave a Legacy tiles
    • Have a Grey Goose slushie
    • Indulge in a French pastry

    There's so many....

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    Not watching the parade but watching your kids face best thing ever

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