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Thread: Tour all around Disney?

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    I was wondering if there's a way to see all around disney using disney transportation??????

    I'd love to spend a day and go round the whole place see where everything is and wondered if there was a tour? If there isnt a tour, does anyone know if anyone has ever come up with a route using disney buses, boats, monorails and things?

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    There isn`t an organised tour as such.
    The closest thing to it would be to catch the monorail loop which stops at the GF, the MK, the Contemp and the Poly.
    In theory you could visit all of WDW using the buses, but to see it all would take you ages.

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    Whew, as slowhand says, it's a huge place, but let's see...

    From DTD take a bus to the boardwalk resort. Walk the circle of resorts and cruise down to the IG. You can take a walk to the DHS, or the ferry.

    From the DHS car park, hop a bus to the Contemporary. At the Contemporary take the monorail to the three monorail resorts.

    Once you've done that, get off at the MK, and take the monorail to the TTC and transfer to the monorail to EPCOT. Stay on and return.

    From TTC take transport to WL. From there you can take a bus to DTD and again take another bus to AKL. You'll pass by AK (and that's as close as you'll get without a car).

    Nosey around and yep, you've guessed it back to DTD. You can then take a ferry to PO, and another to OKW. You can walk to SSR.

    The moderates and values, you will have to do the bus to DTD and back again.

    It would take a full day or more.

    Fort Wilderness is in there too...

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    Wow Tink, I'm tired just by that idea...but it sure would be fun!

    Visiting other resorts is such a good time. I have just a few left to see.

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    You can also take the resorts monorail from the MK to the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian . There is a spa at the GF and you can have a look at the wedding chapel . You might be lucky enough if a wedding is occuring to see Cinderellas Coach and White Horses , if it is a posh one . The first time I spotted it on the monorail, I almost got whiplash, I turned so fast . We rode the monorail again, just so I could take pictures .
    There are also resort platoom boats .

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