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Thread: how do we get cabs

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    hi, how do we call cabs? is there a button on the hotel phones or are they just waiting?

    does anyone have any tips about what cab companies to get and which to avoid?

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    The front desk of any of the disney hotels will be more than happy to call one for you. Actually, there usually are a number of cabs that sort of hang out in the parking lots of the hotels just waiting for someone to need one.

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    I don't know much about the cab companies, but Meers is one of the larger and more reputable ones. Any cab that Disney calls for you will be ok. It's those that you might get on your own off Disney property that you'll want to be alert to.

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    LOL, I read this thread title completely wrong and thought it was a bit risque... maybe a health section?

    Meers is one we used to get to typhoon lagoon and it was good.
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    there are a lot of cabs waiting in the parking lot at Disney too, they look more like nice cars then cabs though

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