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Thread: Mother and daughter banned from Disneyland... because they were dressed as fairy princesses

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    "When Natasha Narula treated daughter Drew to a holiday at Disneyland Paris, she thought it would be fun to dress up as princesses for the day.

    The pharmacy worker bought a 'silly, puffy sleeved' old wedding dress from an Oxfam shop for 20 and kitted eight-year-old Drew out in a white and gold bridesmaid dress which she had kept from a family wedding, teamed with a tiara.

    But the magic of Disney did not extend to staff at the park's entrance, who told Miss Narula she would not be admitted in her outfit because her dress and Rapunzel-style hairpiece made her look too much like a Disney princess.

    The mother-of-two told yesterday how she was left 'stunned and humiliated' after being ordered to return to her hotel to change when staff insisted she could not enter the complex in fancy dress because she could be mistaken for a Disney princess.

    Miss Narula had taken Drew to the theme park on a 1,000 three-night break to celebrate her 35th birthday on April 1st - April Fool's Day - when three burly security staff approached.
    Princess for a day: Drew was able to wear fancy dress inside the theme park because she is under nine years old.

    Princess for a day: Drew was able to wear fancy dress inside the theme park because she is under nine years old.

    She said that one of them then told her the dress was 'too pretty' and may be confused for a member of staff in character.
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    thats totally amazing, i bet that wouldnt happen in the US

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    Adults aren't allowed to dress up in the US either apart from at MNSSHP

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    From what I understand it's a general rule across all Disney Parks. To be honest I kind of like the fact that the characters are the only adults that can dress up. Makes it all the more special.

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    Yes, she'd have had trouble with her dress in the US too. The Mom, I mean. The child, no. Kids dress up all the time.

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    I think this happened at WDW last year with a guy dressed as Santa...

    It only takes one horrible minded adult to dress as a character and lure a child away from their parents for all hell to break loose. It's better they just forbid it completely.

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    This is quite an old story actually.
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