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Thread: Iworks for ipad

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    Just wondering if you can email document from one of the package from iPad?

    Also I am wondering if it still not possible to print off anything? As I have training coming up in July and I am very keen to use keynote to deliver presentation/training.

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    You can email or export out of any of the iWork apps. Even export to PDF!

    Printing was rumored to be in iOS 4 but sadly doesn't seem to have made it. However there are numerous apps available in the app store that will allow you to print.

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    Steve jobs has confirmed that printing is indeed coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 215787
    Steve jobs has confirmed that printing is indeed coming
    yep! much needed as is multitasking

    version 4 of the iphone os is really nice, cant wait to see it on the ipad

    Pages on the ipad is brilliant too! Cant believe how good it is
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    Must confess pages is the only iWork app I have so far but it is indeed epic, may get keynote at some point for home presentations

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