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Thread: Online Scrapbook Page Class

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    What ever you can manage I can't wait thanks Brit

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 231813
    Anyone got any suggestions for dates either late oct/early November?
    Maybe I'll just release projects every so often but then we wouldn't all be talking about it at the same time
    I think maybe you could set us out a challenge Julie with a theme and some tips then we can all go away and do our thing posting on here if we are stuck or in need of inspiration.

    We can then all come back on a set day to post our creations. It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with also you will be able to give people some pointers for the future.

    Iím not sure if this was what you had in mind LOL itís just an idea to see where everyone is at .

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    I have done a couple of layouts with instructions, disney themed one girlie and the other more masculine to suit all tastes and am working on another project at the moment not sure what everyone's level is and maybe they need a bit more help? I love your idea though Hun, I've already jotted down a few ideas......

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    I'd love to try this too unless Ive missed it already

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    Have I missed this please??

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