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Thread: Fireworks - best views?

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    Could anyone give advice best places to watch Wishes and Illumination shows ?

    how early should we try and get a place?


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    Illuminations ... on the bridge between the UK & France . Get there early . Or you can book a late dinner at The Rose & Crown Pub in the UK and hope your lucky enough to get a patio seat .
    MK Fireworks ... I always watch to the right hand side of Main Street USA . Again, if you get lucky enough , up the steps to the train . Right there in the front is a great viewing area for the parade & fireworks .

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    You will get many answers to where is the best place to watch . DH and I even went to the Polynesian one night and sat on a bench under Ohanas where the music is piped in . There are just so so many great spots .

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    you again

    what about the wind and things, do you need to worry about that like the books say or doesnt it make a difference?

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    Doesn't really make a difference . I've been there when its cold & windy . The only difference is, is at the MK, Tinkerbell will not fly in inclement or windy weather . Although, I've heard and this is just a rumour , that while Summer Nightastic is taking place , there will be different fireworks and since Tink is in the Main Street Electrical Parade . She can't possibly be in two places at one time . :wink:

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    Tink does fly in Nightastic.

    The direction of the wind can matter a great deal. You'll not want to be downwind of the fireworks as you can end up engulfed in the smoke and fumes and have your vision obstructed. This is particularly important at Illuminations.

    There are a number of excellent viewing areas around World Showcase lagoon, however be certain that there are no trees or buildings in your direct view, and that you have a clear view of the center of the lagoon.

    For Nightastic we liked smack in the middle of the end of Main St.

    MSEP, the cross over in front of the castle is great. You see the floats coming and can focus in as they clear the bend and come right toward you.

    Get there early though! It's an extremely popular parade and was jammed to the gills (shoulder to shoulder) both times it ran on the 5th of June.

    Hope that helps!

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    My spot to watch Wishes was over at the Tomorrowland Terrace. They have now made this a dessert party which we did this last time and it was quite nice.

    Illuminations has many good viewing spots.

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    Thats Great News, Sister Tink . Must have been a rumor then .

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    I won't spoil it for you, but be watching for her. She appears suddenly and very unexpectedly.

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    Its not Wishes though during the MSELP , right ? Thanks Again

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