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Thread: Lake Wilson preserve ???

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    Anyone stayed here ??

    Just swapped our Dom Rep holiday next May to ORLANDO! YAY! Staying 14 nights in a Villa here with a pool.. yay!

    Any info would greatly be recieved..

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    All I know is that it is one of the areas recommended to me when I was looking for a villa location. We're in a complex just down the road from Lake Wilson and everyone says it is very close to Disney.

    Did they have no Sweet Tomatoes in Dom Rep then?

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    I think you have made the right decision and that particular area, is fab, couldn't be better.

    Who would want to go to dome rep, when you can go to Florida with a villa and own pool. Nah not me
    Love and Hugs Catherine :tongue0011-1:

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    i was going to book there, until our member Malcolm offered me his, its a pretty new location Ive stayed just down the road from it, literally, and its really cheap for what it is, i found a site with the location on it and i was amazed how cheap it was tbh

    its just a stones throw from the champions gate complex, not far from I4, and the 192 is just up the top of old lake wilson....i would defiantly book there in future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 14664

    Did they have no Sweet Tomatoes in Dom Rep then?
    PMSL nope or no WALMART!!!!!! Couldn't bear a year without either lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Catherine, post: 15156
    Who would want to go to dome rep, when you can go to Florida with a villa and own pool. Nah not me
    I loved the Dom Rep.. But it's really NOT my parents.. Just sitting by a pool the whole time. Yeh the all inclusive would of been great , but hey ho.. it's 300 cheaper for me to go to Florida than Dom Rep! 900ish all together!!!
    We're saving our time share points for the year after for a big family holiday.
    So that's the next two years planned lol

    Thanks you 3

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    It's a great location just 10 mins up the I4 to WDW or an alternative quiet drive up Lake Wilson Road to the 192 and then use Sherbeth Road.

    There's a new Publix and shops being built on the corner of Lake Wilson Road even nearer to you than the one at Champions Gate.

    The area surrounding Lake Wilson is well kept especially up around Reunion Resort which is opposite Lake Wilson Preserve.

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    Thanks for that Candygirl - Can't wait!!!

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    I have also stayed in that area,although not that actual place (Sunridge Woods - same place as Nut I think) and I would highly recommend it - it's easy to get to Disney with minimal traffic, if I was going to stay in a villa again I would go for this area.


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