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Thread: Jacksonville - American Football help

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    You may have seen my other thread in which I'm deciding where to go for a road trip for a few days in December - one of the ideas is to head to Jacksonville.

    DH absolutley loves American football and I've noticed that the Jaguars are playing on the 26th December at 1pm. I'd love to surprise him with tickets for this. However, I'm rather lost on the whole idea and need some help please.

    I can't seem to find out the rough price of tickets for one off games.

    Anyone been to an American football game?
    What are the pros and cons?

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    Jacksonville Jaguars Single Game Tickets -

    Single game tickets can be bought at the above website however they havent been placed on sale yet. Keep checking back for updates. I have been to a few games here in New York/New Jersey and my only complaint is the weather which shouldnt be a problem for you.

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    A billion games!! 2 of my sons played football and our daughter was a cheerleader for the NFL team in Buffalo!

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    JAX is quite a distance from Orlando. Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not playing?

    I've been to the JAX stadium. It's fairly easy to get to. Nice facility. Not sure how good the team is going to be this year. Who are they playing? There are also some good malls in that area. Day after Christmas might be a nice time to do a little shopping while hubs is at the game! HA! I like JAX. It's a pretty downtown area. Lots of bridges. There's a riverfront development there downtown with a few restaurants & shopping. I think we stayed at the Hyatt. It was pretty nice.

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    It's all down to personal preference and who knows what really forms our allegiance to a given team, but the Bucs are the favorite team of Florida (at least in my world LOL).

    You could do the Keys and still squeeze in a Bucs game as it is much closer to Orlando than Jax.

    Expensive tickets though.

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    Tickets for a pro football game can be quite pricey

    Also, I know a lot of people who would actually rather watch the game on tv since you can see it all instead of in person. Depends on your preference really.

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