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Thread: Can we take food and drink aboard planes to orlando?

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    I know theres some restrictions still on going through security with liquids

    Can we take food through for the journey? how about if we buy drinks and sandwiches in the shops in the airport, are we allowed to take those on board? we all hate airplane food thats why I'm trying to think of another way

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    yes we always take sandwhiches and crisps as one of ours is sooo picky even though the food is good

    you can buy drinks plane side of security and take them on

    beware though if you take fruit to leave it on the plane - we got stopped in orlando as we had an apple in our bag and apparently thats a big no no

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    Oh yes, Customs will jump all over you for fruit or meat products. Just plan on eating anything you bring on before you disembark and you'll be fine.

    Drinks are the biggest pain as far as I'm concerned. You have to buy them at the airport and the prices are stupid. I drink buckets of water, and look like I'm settling in for a drought when I board. All because they won't let me bring in my sealed three litre bottle. I deal. LOL.

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