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Thread: Driving 36 hours!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 221475
    Hallooooo BRAVE PERSON! That's some kinda' road trip! You'll be fine though. There are any number of great places to stop along the way, both to have a meal and sleep over. You aren't planning on driving straight though are you?

    WDW is a whole new place now! Parks that you haven't seen, old favorites that are gone and a whole bunch of new things to become "new" favorites.

    Let us know if you need any help planning anything, ok? We LOOOOOVE to help plan holidays!

    Take care now and Welcome to the Site!
    No, we'll take 3 days to get down, stopping each night at hotels

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    Right now the weather isn't so great. HOT, and very humid, with too much rain... not the storm and end type, the last all day once it starts type.

    Hopefully, once you get here, it will be better.

    I've driven from the northeast to WDW. Watching the terrain change was part of the enjoyment of the trip.

    Not sure what sort of restaurant you like with your "troupe" but once you get just south of Savannah, GA there is a wicked restaurant in Darien. Skipper's Fish Camp. The first time we ate there we ordered full meals to go in addition to what we ate there! YUHUUUUUMY stuff. (And not fish campy at all... quite a nice restaurant where children will fit right in).

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    Oh, forgot to comment on the attendance. It's high. It's usually high during the summer, peaking right now, so perhaps it will ease off once you are here. Florida and other southern states begin to return to school the second week of August, so you'll see some of the attendance fall off.

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    That's going to be quite a road trip. Will you be stopping along the way to take in the sites? Wave to me if you go through Virginia

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    Every summer for the last 10 years we have driven from NYC to WDW and it feels like the longest drive ever especially on the way home. Good luck and have a safe trip. I am so sure you guys are going to have a great and magical time. Like people have said a lot has changed in 17 years, so many new rides and shows to see. We will be driving down the east coast to WDW toward the end of August.

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    What A Wonderful Road Trip and an ending to the Happiest Place On Earth . Hi Stell & Welcome To Disney Secrets . We're happy you joined us . We love helping others plan their magical trip . Any questions, ask away !

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    and welcome to Secrets

    You're all in for a very special treat when you get to WDW. The place has changed so much since you were last there. The kids will go absolutely crazy

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    We have driven down lots of times we drive straight through with a few stops to eat fuel up and to rest. It takes us about 24 to 30 hours depending on the route we take we change it up so we can see more sites. The trip down is great the trip back is so long. I'm sure you will have a great time
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