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Thread: how much are things in orlando?

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    hi just wondering how much it costs for basic items in orlando so I can know how much money to take

    Ive heard people say its really cheap for food and meals but to be honest that s not how I remember it

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    I`m not an expert shopper by any means however I have it on good authority [ie my DW ] that most of the fruit, vegetables and groceries we buy from Publix when we stay at our villa are less expensive than here in the UK, and many of the items [eg potato chips {aka crisps}] come in much bigger portions.

    As far as dining goes, well obviously it depends on the /$ exchange rate at the time. However on site dining can be expensive, especially if you take wine or any alcoholic beverage with your meal. Off site dining is much cheaper, I reckon that based on the current exchange rate it`s on a par with the UK.

    Some items like clothing, printer cartridges, compact flash cards etc.etc. also cost a lot less than over here.

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    in our experience everything is cheaper there than here

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    Well, what sort of basic items did you have in mind? Do you stay at a villa, and purchase your own food for consumption there, or do you eat out exclusively?

    Do you like to purchase clothing and other life supplies while here, or just souveniers?

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    I have no idea what the prices in the UK are so I can't compare.

    What items are you looking to purchase?

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    I cant remember to be honest, but just remember that the price thats on the sticker isnt the price you pay - theres tax ontop of that too! The first time we went dh handed me the money and waited outside, was very proud of myself that id added everything up and was under budget until i got to the till that is and found out about tax!!

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