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Thread: list of important phone numbers and contacts

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    am I the only one who has to have a list of contacts just in case?

    ok well I dont know if you guys have a list somewhere but if you do I cant find it

    so Ive got most things like holiday company, insurance company but I want to find names addresses phone numbers for the following things we'll be staying on disney

    24*7 doctor
    24*7 pharmacist
    24*7 supermarket
    24*7 taxi

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    As you will be staying on site, I suggest that you have a word with the concierge [or the front desk] at your resort.
    They will gladly give you all of this info.

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    this is something I hadnt thought about but it would be really useful to have alist like this somewhere

    I'd like to add 24*7 dentist

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    I have a list in our folder in the villa - just incase - better to be safe than sorry


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