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Thread: disney kouzzina review - totally rubbish

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    Just had to come back to tell you about the disney kouzinna restaurant

    We waited ages to get in there because it was so busy and the cms were just chatting between themselves. finally when I got to talk to someone they were uncaring and sarcastic

    we sat down and were so close to the people next to us that we could hear every word they said even though the restaurant was actually very very loud

    we waited another 30 minutes for a menu, another 20 minutes to have our orders taken

    the food was rubbish. I was expecting great things but this wasnt great or even good. It was just rubbish

    when put altogether its a place I would stay away from and its the only place on our trip I'd say that about hope this helps someone save some money

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    Oh gosh. That's really too bad to hear! We've not been yet but were hoping to try it out.

    Do you think it might be because it's still rather new and they've not found their stride yet, or do you think it's just poor overall due to management?

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    it was one I was thinking of trying next time too :/ hmmmmm
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    We ate at Kouzzina on our last trip and were delighted with both the food and the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzchamp, post: 221729

    we waited another 30 minutes for a menu, another 20 minutes to have our orders taken
    In that case I would have never had a chance to even TRY the food because I wouldn't have stayed. 30 minutes for a menu is UNACCEPTABLE. I sincerely hope you spoke to a manager?

    I will say that I've eaten there twice now, and while I haven't been "wow'd" by the food either time, I DID have REMARKABLE service there during our last trip.

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    I would have never put up with that! I hope you did speak to a manager.

    I've had wonderful service the last two times I've been to Kouzinna. I thought the food was good too.

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    I agree, would have definitely spoke to the manager . I, too, have been there twice and was absolutely delighted with the service and the food . I'm visiting again in October .

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    does disney take any notice of the bad post on this site

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    I don't know! I honestly wouldn't think so.

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    i have heard very variable reports of this restaurant and for that reason have given it a miss this time. I do think TPTB at Disney read Disney forums. What effect it has on them, goodness only knows.


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