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Thread: Dining reservation question

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkvilla, post: 222242
    Can't help with the question but was going to ask if you are a Everton fan - ref your user name, or do you just like toffee :-)


    Yes i am indeed and evertonian, sorry for the tardy reply haven't had mus=ch spare time to log on for the last few weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 222243
    The only time I've found linking my room reservation to my ADR's helpful was when I was "spot on" the 180 day mark and I wanted to book my entire stay at once (referring to their policy of check in date + 10 days for ADR's). If you are doing this, I *do* think you need to link them.

    Best of luck to you, Paul....have any "must do" places in mind?

    Mant thanks, we are still debating what we book but our 3 must do's are chef mickeys, the princess breakfast at epcot and 1900 park evening cindy meal.

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