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are you going to take him to court with a private summons if the police still insist that they cant prosecute him ?
Police are going to pay him a vist within the next couple of weeks to tell him off for careless driving but that's all they can do without witnesses. Thing is - there were witnesses but they walked away not wanting to get involved.

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Diane, did I miss something while I was out of town? I haven't seen the thread.
Sorry John - some members asked where I'd been the past few days so I thought I'd start a thread but I started it after the accident.
Here you go.....

I was sationary in my car at the time, pulled up behind another car waiting to turn right. As the car in front started to pull away, I quickly glanced in my mirror just in time to see a windscreen come through my car.

Took me a while to gather myself together and get out the car. The taxi driver was already out his car, checking it over and complaining about lost fares and the damage to his car.

He told me that a dog had ran out in front of him and that's why he crashed into me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said "sorry, but I didn't see any dog and, if a dog ran in front of you - wouldn't you put your brakes on, not accelerate into me?" He then changed his story to something else catching his eye, to looking for an address sign etc.

He wrote his details down for me and gave me the wrong registration number which I had the sense to check. He snatched the piece of paper from me and wrote the correct number down.

He basically just wanted to get away before anyone saw what he had done. He never once said sorry or asked if I was ok. He left me standing crying in the middle of the road.

I got back into my car and managed to take it around the corner to a quiet street out the way of traffic. There is a club right where it happened and people were outside smoking at the time - they all went inside.

I just sat and like a sissy - cried. Gathered myself together a bit and rang Dave at work who came straight to get me. He called the police then took me straight to hospital.

Hospital was no fun. I waited nearly two hours before a doctor was available. They thought I may have cracked my neck so they strapped me to a board, put a block around my head, then taped my head to the block. They took quite a few x-rays. Thankfully, i got away with whiplash, sprained wrist and pulled muscles down my right arm and leg. I was given painkillers and sent home in the morning.

I am having this week off from work as my job involves a lot of lifting and scrubbing floors which I just couldn't do right now. Have doctors appointment Monday morning.

Police came to the house. They can't prosecute the taxi driver as no one would say they witnessed the accident. So, they said within the next couple of weeks, they would go see him and caution him for wreckless driving.