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Thread: Now You All Went & Did It

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    with all this talk of macbooks and ipads and iphones . I'm buying a refurbed iphone on AT&T and since my Dell is a piece of ****, I asked Jimminey for an apple macbook for Christmas . What are so special about them ?
    Never know, I'm a VIP at my favorite Arcade at the beach, Lucky Leos and I've been invited to a Christmas in July party . They are giving away two Apple IPads . Maybe, I'll be lucky . I think I'd fall over .

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    Sorry, about the boo boo, but I didn't say a bad word .

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    but but its filtered

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    yes I guess it is, Mick

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    haha tinkers been naughty

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    I deserve this :2: or

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    i would love to have a macbook too. macs are really supreior compared to windows

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    Well you will love it


    slowly they fall one by one

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