:za4: I've been putting off buying plane tickets for our trip next month because we needed to decide if we were renting a car or not...finally decided what to do and went to buy them on Monday...the tickets had gone up $150!:shocked025:

I was kicking myself for waiting so long:wall1: and saying a few choice words . I decided yet again to wait and I've been scouring the web for anything cheaper...but no luck.:(

Finally bit the bullet and told myself I HAD to buy the tickets today before they went up in price yet again. Imagine my JOY to find the prices went back DOWN to only about $20 more than they were originally!!:207:

So tickets are BOUGHT! We fly Airtran out of Dayton Sunday moring at 8:35am (nonstop)..arrive at MCO at 10:43am. We leave MCO the following Sunday at 7:58pm (nonstop) and arrive back at Dayton at 10:06pm!! Yipee!