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Thread: Here's my packing list

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    I usually have a little bottle of the antiseptic handwash too.
    Do the tablets taste the same as the pink medicine? i used to love calpol (still do actually! )

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    I'll ask him tonight but he is very very very fussy

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    We take the Boots Soltan suncream as it comes in a squashy pouch - perfect for pockets in shorts, I always try and travel; as light as is humanly possible in the parks

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    I also make a list and icheck everything several times before i leave

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 224494
    I'll ask him tonight but he is very very very fussy
    Yes they do, very palatable and sooooooooo much better than the sachets

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    Thanks I was going to answer , honest

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    Do you intend to send any postcards back to the UK? Postage then?

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