I thought it would be fun to see what people do in regards to work around here. I am most assuredly including people who take care of their families and homes without pay as well. Also, if you are retired/on disability tell us what you do to occupy your time now or what you did for employment in the past.

I am a Vocational Counselor with the state's department of rehabilitation services. I help people with disabilities find and maintain employment. We do a million different things around here but it's all individualized. My caseload is the substance abuse population. It's a very interesting group to work with but they want everything yesterday. Part of that is what led to the addiction in the first place. Almost 99% of the people also have a dual diagnosis meaning they have a mental health disorder as well (usually depression/anxiety but also borderline personality, post traumatic stress, bi-polar, etc). They also tend to have some significant health problems including brain injuries. Almost all have felonies as well. I really enjoy working with them and I work far too hard and way past my alloted 40 hours too often. I do enjoy working for the state since I get every holiday known to man off and I get to have every other Friday off.

So, what about you?