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Thread: Disney hotel check out times strict?

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    Are the check out times really strict at disney hotels? only our flight is not until late that evening of our checkout and I think we may be in one of those weird situations where we cant really do much in the day because we know we're going home but need to be out the room early?

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    This is something that us Brits always have to deal with.
    We have managed to get a late check out [1.00pm] at the GF on several occasions but a lot depends upon how busy the resorts are.
    They normally ask you to check at the front desk on the day of your departure to see if you can secure a late check out.

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    At OKW last year they gave us an extra hour in the room.

    Also, you can leave any luggage/ bags with Bell Services until you need it and spend the day in your resort if you don't want to go to the Parks.

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    Yes, it's a bit of an inconvenience to have to check out of the room by 11:00 am (and yes, they are pretty insistent upon that time, unless you can obtain a late check out as stated above). We've been in the same situation.

    We leave our luggage at bell services and visit Downtown Disney. Stroll, have a meal if there is time, try not to buy too many more things...

    The resort will still be there for you to enjoy too. You can swim (keep a plastic bag for those wet suits) etc.

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    I've never been able to secure a later check out, always told flatly "nope we don't offer that". We normally do DTD check in or online check in so just stash the suitcases in the boot (trunk) of the car and away we go. I do miss our siestas on the last day though

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    Same here, Ive only been to florida once, but had a free upgrade to an SUV and just left the luggage in the boot. However in DLP we have always managed to leave our luggage with the hotel and picked them up when we were ready.

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    We call the day before we checkout and we have gotten it every time we have requested it.

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    You could always add another night to your stay and have the room all day.

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    i managed to get late check out on our last trip think it was till 1.00

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    We have been able to get a later check-out a few times, but it is by no means guaranteed. It helps a bit, IMHO, if you are visiting at a slower time.

    Bell Services will hold your bags. In the past we have just had a nice later breakfast and headed to the pool or DTD. This year, our flight is later than we normally take, but ME normally picks up 3 hours before flight time. so we'll need to be ready by 11:00 anyway!
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