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Thread: Forget Norway We're outta here ( v nearly)

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    Although we don't fly until Monday night I probably won't get much opportunity between now and then to log on, work has been the last few days.

    Finishing tomorrow lunchtime then a major packing fest commences you should see all the lists and lists of lists I have on 'Things for iPad'

    We are taking enough medication to cure the whole subcontinent so thats one suitcase another for chargers

    Anyway we will be away from here for nearly 3 weeks so don't worry if you don't see me or Lisa on

    Keep an eye on Iceland for me and any baggage handlers or air traffic controllers who are on strike ( luckily I don't think our plane travels over Spain )

    If it is possible I will send the odd text but I doubt there will be any 'bars' in the middle of the savannah and I don't have international texts built into my monthly subscription this time, so I won't be hassling Keith for tips on photography


    Frankly terrifying how quickly this has come, only just feels like I put up a thread asking what people thought

    Take care, be good and wish us luck, we don't want much , there are far more deserving people on here, but I will take a pinch

    For anyone else going away , have an amazing holiday


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    Have a great trip Chris.
    Don`t forget to take some really good dustproof bags for your camera!

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    In the red...

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    Have a marvelous trip mate!

    Bring us back lots of piccies!

    Tom (... Hakuna matata!)

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    have a truly fab trip and above all else stay safe

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    OOOOOOH!!!!! Wishing you, Lisa, Thomas and Matthew the VERY BEST of times!! I cannot think of a family who more deserves a lovely holiday.

    Take care, be safe, stay out of the path of lions and know that we'll want zillions to the nth power of photos when you return (and a complete moment by moment trip report)!

    Some of us are living vicariously through you.

    for a wonderful and hassle free holiday!

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    Have a fantastic time!


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    Have a wonderful trip!!!

    I am already excited about the pictures

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    I hope that you all have the most wonderful holiday. You and Lisa certainly deserve it.

    We're all looking forward to the photographs and full trip report. :wink:

    Safe journey.


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    Have a fantastic time! HARAMBE!
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