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Thread: best place to buy toy story 3 peas in a pod ??

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    I'm trying to find the toy story 3 peas in a pod plush but the only place I can see so far is silly money Hard to Find Disney Toy Story 3 Peas in a Pod 8" Plush Doll - Kids Toys

    Im really not paying that much, does anyone have any leads where I could look for a better price?


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    I've been looking for weeks and i've found no where so far...

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    Ebay is my only suggestion, but they seem to be going for quite a bit on there too

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    In the red...
    I'm going to scout around the World wh ile we're out there for Teresa.

    Maybe I should buy 100 and stick them on ebay to fund another trip.

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    I've not seen them, but then I haven't actually looked either (on WDW property, I mean).

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