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Thread: Hyatt Regency Hotel at orlando airport?

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    Someone once told me that you could book a day room here on the day of your flight so you could relax and stuff before boarding..

    I cant see any information online about it though, has anyone ever done it? is it worth it and how do you book?

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    You need to call them directly. Yes, it's quite worth it depending upon your circumstances. Some folks who are going to be there for a long period find it very comfortable to have a day room for their use.

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    I think that Wendy did that on one of her earlier trips and I recall her saying what a good idea it was.
    My DW and I stayed there one night just before one of our cruises that departed the following day. They have a very nice restaurant overlooking the runway where we had dinner.

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    It was Wendy.

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    I think MaineCoonLover has done so, also.

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