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Thread: Animal Kingdom Cast Members Get Sick From Fumes

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    More than a dozen cast members at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park fell ill on Wednesday from parking lot fumes, authorities said.

    Eighteen cast members reported feeling ill and it was determined that fumes from the resurfacing of a parking lot were the cause, authorities said.

    Six of the cast members were transported to a hospital for treatment.

    All of the cast members involved had been exposed to the fumes for extended periods of time, authorities said, because they worked in the parking lot in various positions such as attendants or tram drivers.

    Authorities said the paving was halted after the incident.

    No guests fell ill, and the theme park’s operation was not affected.

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    How bizzarre. How about the gugs that work on the roads. I used to work on the roads and loved the smell of tarmac. My inlaws when living in London way back when used to be taken to a bridge to breath in the fumes from the tamac plant to help get rid of colds

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    I can only imagine the fumes, the heat, and the humidity combined would make a horrible combination.

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    My first thought when I heard this on the local news was, "UH OH, Dawn's not even here yet and there are problems!"

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