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Thread: Day trip to Chessington

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    Took Steven to Chessington world of adventures yesterday for a bit of theme park practise. We got there at 10.45am and it was chaos. Were directed to park in a field somewhere in the next county and then it was a 15 minute walk from there to the ticket buying area. That was even more chaos and it was another 30 minutes before we had our tickets. I'm glad I didn't pre-book tickets to save time as that line was even longer than the line for buying tickets.

    Wandered round for a bit and got in line for the log flume thing. Steven a bit of a ride wimp but decided it was good after we'd got off. It wasn't good - one small drop then a short ride round to the big drop and out again. Splash Mountain here we come. Went to the lorikeet feeding place and bought Steven a pot of nectar to feed the birds. He loved this.

    Then it was lunchtime so hot dogs all round. The park is heaving and there are massive queues for everything. Steven decides on Tomb Blaster next and is not phased by the 60 minute wait time. It actually turns out to be about 40 minutes.

    Looked round the animal bit - it was originally a zoo - and then go into Hocus Pocus Hall - don't bother it's rubbish. Went into the little Sealife Centre there - nice in here and Steven wants a stingray.

    Stop for a drink and an ice cream and then Steven wants to go back and feed the lorikeets some more nectar. He is in seventh heaven when 3 birds decide his arm is the place to stand.

    We get in line for the Bubbleworks thing but after half an hour of going nowhere we're told the ride is broken. So we skip out of the line and join the throngs waiting to go on the Vampire coaster. We get in line at 4pm and it's nearly 6pm by the time we exit the ride. The line is so long they've put a snack shop half way round. Steven completely traumatised by ride and cries for most of it. But after we get off he said he liked it.

    Quick look round the shop for a bit of tat for Steven and more drinks then it's time for the long trek back to the car.

    Good points - had a lovely day out with my son. He waited in line beautifully - better than some adults. Weather was nice. Had a coupon for half price ticket entry. Feeding the birds.

    Bad points - Chessington was completely overwhelmed by the number of people that visited yesterday and just could not cope. At any time of day at least 3 rides were broken. Even the tiny kiddie rides that no one goes on had 30 minute waits. The park is dirty and badly maintained. In a line at Disney you get nice landscaped areas to look at and themed lines - at Chessington you get to stare at brambles and a patch of nettles for an hour. Smoking is allowed freely through the park except in ride queues. Also after paying to get in, everywhere you went there were midway type games, trampolines, radio controlled things, and a whole other multitude of things that cost extra money. However Steven was very good about this and only asked for a 1 for a go on the radio controlled cars. He understood that all these other things were extra money. Fastpass type things were available but these were extra money too. Oh and poorly behaved, unsupervised children (and adults).

    Overall though we had a good day. I just hope Disney is better.

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    Blimey, you were brave going there!!! Does make you appreciate just how great the parks are in Florida though doesnt it
    I did laugh at Steven being traumatised on the vampire ride and then saying he liked it!

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    Well, that sounds like good practice! Disney is busy right now, but you rather expected that. They do a good job to help you with waiting, and there are the fast passes which are so important to use!

    Don't forget to add humidity to the mix. It's August...

    Steven should do fine, but ummmm... I'd not expect as much understanding from him when he's faced with all the goodies WDW has on offer!

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    I must confess that I do struggle with British theme park after WDW as the queue at WDW is not too bad and plenty to entertain us while we are waiting.

    However with British theme park it drives me up the wall and it always looks 'dirty' and hard to work out the 'system' whereas WDW is all 'connected' and much more enjoyable experience...

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